Meditation 2 Years Later: What We’ve Learned & Experienced

In episode 5 of the Maker/Mistaker Podcast, Jeff and George talk about meditation.

Do you meditate? If not, why? Sometimes meditation can be intimidating or confusing. We break it down in hopes we can inspire you to add this amazing habit to your daily routine.

Both of us have been meditating regularly for two years now and we want to share what we have learned. It has been a major component in our paths out of depression and has directly shaped the way we look at life now and in the future.

More and more people are learning about meditation and it’s cousin “mindfulness.” We cover the basics of what meditation is and isn’t as well as how you can do it. We talk about some of the benefits we have experienced and also get into both the practical applications of meditation and the spiritual.

Some of the benefits we have seen after meditating for 2 years include:

  • Depression is virtually completely gone
  • Mindfulness lasts well beyond the meditation session
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Deeper intuition and ability to sense energies
  • Increased ability to stay attentive for longer periods of time
  • Appreciation for solitude and silence
  • More equipped to overcome addictions and bad habits
  • Mind-blowing spiritual or mystical experiences
  • Dramatically increased awareness of mind, body, and spirit
  • Realization of how thoughts form and manifest in reality
  • Ability to stay calm and centered during high stress events

We couldn’t forget to share what books, podcasts, and apps have helped us out the most. So make sure you listen for that!

Please share with us your thoughts on meditation in the comments below.

Read on for the show notes.

Music for this episode: You Got This by Jeff Finley

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Digital Detox: No social media, no tv, no Internet

The other day I said I was going to stop drinking coffee for the rest of the month. It’s been 3 days and I’ve already experienced being super tired with a pounding headache. Eek, this is going to be harder than I thought. But I’m not ready to write about that experience yet.

The week before I tried a digital detox.

facebook addiction

art by Asaf Hanuka

Digital Detox

I basically went without looking at a glowing screen (on purpose) for two days. When I first started it I kind of freaked out. How could I possibly survive? I mean, no smartphone use, no social media, no Netflix, no radio… how could I manage? It’s only two days right?

I did give myself an exception, I could use my smartphone to set my alarms and journal about my experience.

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Out of Body Experiences – All in Your Head? (Interview with Gossipist)

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Pillowtok podcast by Gossipist discussing out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. It was a lively discussion and we get into whether or not these things are “real” or not and I share some tips on how you can try to have one and find out for yourself.

Listen to the interview here →

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My Morning Routine Schedule for 2015

I’ve come up with a plan to shake up my morning routines for 2015. While I will still do my “happy habits” like meditation, reading, and journaling, I will give each morning a focus. I will share this with you to give you an idea for your own routines for the new year.

Optional: Purchase my Printable Morning Routine Template for $5. Download it, print it out, and customize it to your liking.

Primary focus

My focus will continue to be building and maintaining positive habits, a sense of accomplishment, clarity of purpose, a good start to the day, learning and discovery, curiosity, reflection, self-love, ME time, injecting fun and play during each day, and shaking things up when it gets boring.

Habits I will do

Here’s a list of happy habits I plan to do: gratitude, yoga, meditation, affirmations, make my bed, journaling, reflection, walking, OBE practice or lucid dreaming, reading, exercise, discovery, learning new skills, bucket list, lifestyle design, get out in nature, move my body, laugh, play, make music

Monday: Bucket List
What’s the next step on achieving something on my bucket list? Research? Set a date? Book a flight? Call or email? Maybe brainstorm some new ideas. Use this time to do it now.

Tuesday: Rec Center Day
Go to rec center, exericse. You know the deal! All I gotta do is just make it to the rec center and I’ve achieved my goal. The sooner the better. Once I get there, doing the work is easy.

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Habits! Building, Breaking, and Sustaining Positive Habits

In episode 4 of the Maker/Mistaker Podcast, Jeff and George get into a great discussion on habits. We cover a lot of the psychology of habits and why we do the things we do. We get into how and why we get into bad habits in the first place and what we can do to break them.

We talked about what you can do to start new, positive habits and build your life around this idea. Becoming a habit-former. Becoming a person who has control over their life and is aware of outside influences.

We talk about being mindful of our triggers and tendencies and how we can identify where we have small little habits or addictions. Some of which are controlling our lives and we don’t even know it.

If anyone can find a way to talk for two hours about habits, we did it. And it never gets boring! Read on for the show notes.

Music for this episode: Evil Lives by Jeff Finley

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